the springboard of the new generation

We are the springboard of the new generation. We want to do something for the world. Start small and grow big. Joining is easy. Do something great and make others feel better. Or become a changemaker in our network, and we’ll change the world together. Life is about being bold. Let’s do it.

who are we

The Dutch National Youth Council ( NJR) defends the interests and opportunities of young people in the Netherlands. We do this by helping young people discover their strengths: what do you enjoy, and what are you good at? When you’re aware of your strengths, you can do great things! Maybe you’ve already got big plans to make impact. To us, every young person with ideas for the future is a changemaker that we’d love to add to our network of changemakers. Because we’re stronger together. With our changemakers we can change the world, such as by proving governments and schools what the young generation has in store. NJR has over twenty projects that you can join: there’s something for everyone!

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