We are the board of DNYC. Getting the opportunity to make young voices heard gets our hearts racing. From the Prime Minister to local officials, we’re eager to advocate for the interests of the youth to all. We inspire, unite and connect. We believe in a world in which young people can develop to their full potential, a world in which youth participation at every level is self-evident.

DNYC’s director and management team (MT) are responsible for the work organisation at DNYC: our staff, interns and volunteers. Because DNYC’ director stays on for the long term, this is the constant factor and the advisor to the DNYC youth board.

we are the board members

Kimberley Snijders (voorzitter)

Milan ter Horst (penningmeester)

Anika Kempen (secretaris)

Bram Geurds (lokale jongereninspraak)

Bennie Neplenbroek (politiek)

Lotte Prins (internationale inspraak)

Baran Koser (campagne en profilering)

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