youth representatives

It’s important that your voice is heard. At home, at school, in your municipality, but also in the world. That’s what the youth representatives do for you.

The eight youth representatives at NJR travel the country to ask young people what they value when it comes to topics such as biodiversity, climate change, peace and safety and international cooperation. They take this with them to conferences and summits within and outside the country. With their limitless enthusiasm, this is how they push for a sustainable, safe and inclusive future for all of us.

The youth representatives are young people themselves. They are chosen for this volunteer position for a term of two years and work in pairs on each topic. They do this using a junior-senior system, which ensures that the predecessor’s experience is passed on to the successor.

gathering input and passing it on

Each pair of youth representatives is supported by an entire working group of young, active volunteers. They give guest lessons across the entire country. Through these guest lessons and other activities they gather input that the youth representatives can take to places like the United Nations or the European Union. So together they gather information and pass it on for conferences and institutes such as:

Human Rights and Safety: CsocD, HLPF, UNGA

Sustainable Development: SB CCC, UNCCC COP, Climate Summit

Biodiversity and Food: CBD COP 15, Food Systems Summit, FAO

European Affairs: European Youth Forum, EU Youth Dialogue, [EyoU]

want to invite a youth representative to speak?

You can! Youth representatives like speaking about their position, youth participation, Europe, the United Nations and the important topics that concern them. Feel free to contact Hanna to discuss the possibilities or click here.

I can do this too

Do you want to become active as a working group member or youth representative? Leave your details here. You’ll receive an email when there are openings.

youth representatives and their support

Hanna Scheffer

Xaviera van Beusekom

Ida Simonsen

Rozemarijn Modderman

Kevin Eustatia

Shareena Obispo

Fenna Timsi

Kiki Ritmeijer

Sarah Nasrawi

Bine Liem