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UN Youth Representative

It’s important that your voice is heard. At home, at school, in your municipality, but also in the world, such as at the United Nations. The Youth Representatives for Human Rights and Safety speak with Dutch youth to then give them a voice at the UN’s General Assembly.

Other than Human Rights and Safety, there are also youth representatives for Sustainable Development, European Affairs and Biodiversity and Food.

Together with a working group, the youth representatives gather the opinions and ideas of young people. They do this through things like giving guest lessons and workshops at schools, visiting events and organising activities. All opinions and ideas gathered by youth representatives are discussed with politicians, policy makers and within official government delegations. They go to the UN’s General Assembly, the Commission on Social Development and the High Level Political Forum about the Sustainable Development Goals.

These youth representatives are supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

in conversation

That’s what youth representatives like to be. Are you interested in having us as a speaker? Or would you like to invite us for a conversation, dialogue, event or other occasion that centers on youth? Send an email to Fenna ([email protected]) or Kevin ([email protected]).

working group

The working group UN Youth (VN Jongeren in Dutch) supports the Youth Representatives for Human Rights and Safety. The working group consists of ten to fifteen driven young people aged 16 to 26. Together they give guest lessons at secondary schools and organise projects and events, like a school competition or debate night about the UN. They do this by themselves or together with the youth representatives (and often with another collaborator). Via social media they keep their followers updated on interesting and current UN news. The working group meets in Utrecht every two weeks.

guest lessons

Want to request a guest lesson from the working group UN Youth? You can! Guest lessons on radicalisation or about peace and safety can be adapted to every class. You can request this guest lesson or receive more information at [email protected].

follow the youth representatives

You can follow the youth representatives on their Instagram channel.

Fenna Timsi

Kevin Eustatia

do it yourself?

Do you want to become active as a youth representative or as part of the working group? Leave your details here and you’ll receive an email when there are openings.

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