The jargon brigade wants politicians to use plain language! Use of difficult language makes politics hard to follow for many young people. That’s why the jargon brigade has set out to judge the language use of politicians.

The politician that does use plain language for young people, receives the Plain Language Prize (Klare Taalprijs in Dutch). Long sentences, vague talk and difficult words are discouraged with the Blabber Prize (Zwetsprijs in Dutch).


In 2020, a youth working group analysed the language use of all party leaders and nominated two politicians per prize. After this, an online vote ensued and let young people from all over the Netherlands decide the final winners.


In 2015 and before, the jargon brigade was active during the yearly General Political Considerations in the House of Representatives. The winners of the Plain Language Prize and the Blabber Prize were decided based on these debates.

winners of the Zwetsprijs

winners of the Klare Taalprijs